“playful re-imaginings of ancient things”

My work is inspired by the imaginary worlds of the liminal state. These are the soft spaces before waking up from a long dream or resting within a deep meditation. In these states things can be askew, colors seem brighter, imaginary friends may say hello. Using ceramics as my primary medium, I create iconic figures: nature spirits, muses, and shadow-things who might live within these spheres.

My sculptures’ anthropomorphic forms are vaguely alien in appearance; however, as a family, they express the emotional breadth of what it feels like to be entirely human. Their broken edges and scratched faces express deeply felt sadness but a subtle smile, hinting at the resiliency of the human spirit, is almost always present.

I’m inspired by nature, memory, and both personal and world mythology. I research the past and create objects that merge the silly with the sacred. By applying this child-like gaze to spirituality my work aims to show that beauty and goodness can be found along all paths.


curriculum vitae

Born 1980, Piscataway, NJ
Lives and works in Jersey City, NJ

2015-2017, Continuing Education in Ceramics, School of Visual Arts, NY, NY
2002, BFA Magna Cum Laude, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

solo shows
”Horn of Plenty”, Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Fort Worth, TX

group exhibitions
"Mother & Child Vol. II” Benefit to Support Immigrant Families,
     Sponsored by SUGARLIFT Gallery, NY, NY

"THE MOTHERSHIP", Deep Space Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
"DEFINING FORM", The Untitled Space, NY, NY
"Mother & Child" Benefit to Support Immigrant Families,
     Sponsored by SUGARLIFT Gallery, NY, NY
“Zip, Bang, Pop! Run! It’s The Cops!: Contemporary Pop Art"
     National Invitational Exhibition, HUE Gallery, Wichita, KS

Allouche Gallery, NY, NY, Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series
     Sponsored by Artsy + SCOPE Miami

Summer Show 2016, Rough Draft, Brooklyn, NY

art fairs
Superfine! Art Fair (Frieze Week), NY, NY

SCOPE Miami (Art Basel), Miami, FL
Superfine! Art Fair (Frieze Week), NY, NY
Clio Art Fair (Armory Week), NY, NY

2019, Create! Magazine “Women’s Issue” Feature
2017, ArtSlant Prize Showcase Winner in the Sculpture Category
2012, Graphis
2002, CMYK Magazine
2002, American Illustration 22

speaking engagements
2011, The Art Institute of New York, NY, NY