What inhabitants live in the void between the waking world and sleep? In the limbo between these two states, I imagine a land called Hypnos populated by a caravan of nature spirits, imaginary friends, muses and shadow-beasts. Working with ceramics and found objects, I give form to these imagined creatures.

My sculptures are inspired by the imagery and symbolism of the deep mind. Using vehicles like meditation, floating (sensory deprivation tank immersion), and dream analysis I enter primal creative zones to uncover the blueprints of each new piece. Inspired by the writings of Jung and Joseph Campbell, I explore the archetypes of the psyche, the characters of Myth, and the symbolism of the collective unconscious. I’m interested in the merging of contrasts: the whimsical with the sacred, soft with hard, the ugly and the beautiful; one opposite cannot exist without the other. I blend these elements together and what emerges are my re-imaginings of ancient things, whether it’s a modern take on a fertility goddess or a Jim Henson-inspired dream shaman.

As a medium, I love clay for it’s tactile quality. It pulls me away from the sterility of digital life and back to my roots as a human. My goal is to unearth the inner energy of each sculpture—to transform dirt into something magical.